Thank you for taking time to review our proposal to develop the Next Generation of African Turfgrass Managers. What we trying to achieve is unique and very different to what has been done in the past by other foundations. We find ourselves in an industry which has a shortage of persons and has been declared a Scarce Skill.

We have the potential to reduce unemployment and create employment opportunities for qualified individuals.

Due to the high demand for top quality playing surfaces. The professional maintenance of natural grass Sports Turf surfaces worldwide has become a skilled profession. In South Africa, there is a shortage of individuals with the necessary technical and practical skills working within the industry or wanting to enter the industry.

The Turfgrass Managers Association of Southern Africa is focused on education in accordance with our vision and mission, which is:

“To provide a professional support structure for the Turfgrass Industry in Southern Africa” and “To improve the standard of Turfgrass Managers through education and professionalism”.


The TGMASA, in conjunction with BC Sports Turf Skills Development and the Sports Turf industry have developed a range of training programmes against registered industry unit standards, which are specifically targeted at Sports Turf Maintenance practices.

The training programmes are being delivered to existing Sports Turf employees, as well as targeting individuals who wish to enter the industry.

Our education is accredited by AGRI-SETA, where we are fully accredited to deliver NQF qualifications from Levels 1 to 4.

Our training encompasses the requirements of the trainee, where we can facilitate in an African language.

The assessment process is outcomes-based, as per National Qualification Framework requirements. The quality assurance systems which we have developed in conjunction with AGRI-SETA, we offer standard of training commitment that provides excellence in learning material, as well as motivational upliftment to the trainees as well as prospective people wishing to enter the industry.

* Our National Level 4 Sports Turf Qualification is available through correspondence and able to reach anyone in Africa who wishes to be a Sports Turf Manager.

Improving the Community:

Our Learners have the potential to have a high absorption rate regarding employment within the turf industry.

We are very proud to be offering a truly life changing opportunity to people from our community!

Thus, making our Foundation a source of enjoyment and being able to benefit the community as we help to reduce unemployment.

Working with partners:

Will allow us to improve people’s lives by providing education, sports and life development for underprivileged people within our community and South Africa.

Our Unique approach will empower people to change their lives and through education we can build confidence, self-belief and create self-discipline to enable learners to become role models. Our development programmes will enable people from the community to become more environmentally aware and break the cycle of poverty, crime, drug abuse and poor health and increase the learner’s employability.

Our partners will receive media coverage and have your logo prominently displayed on all materials including website, social media platforms etc.

Scholarship Programme:

The TGMASA offers scholarships towards tertiary education opportunities to deserving persons from the community.  These individuals are selected for the scholarship programme on merit and are identified by means of their involvement in sports turf Industry. To qualify for the scholarship a learner must have a strong academic record as well as a determined character and show emotional stability.

Many of the individuals who have made enquiries to register for the TGMASA National qualification in Sports Turf Maintenance Level 4. Do not have personal funds to participate in the programme, and their employers are not willing to assist in their educational advancement. Funding will be administered by the TGMASA through the Green Guru Foundation.

Our Key Objectives are:

To establish a centre of excellence whereby Learners can come to concentrate on their studies and develop Life skills.

To start with an group of learners who wish to enter the industry on a Learning Progression system whereby they; Begin on the Level 1 – Sports Turf Programme ( 10 Days)  33 Credits.

and progress towards

Level 2 –  10 Day Programme, 32 Credits.

Level 3 –  10 Day Programme, 33 Credits.

Level 4 –  10 Day Programme, 42 Credits.


The Final Stage would be once a learner has earned enough credits to complete either the 1 year NATIONAL CERTIFICATE: SPORTS TURF MAINTENANCE or HORTICULTURE NQF LEVEL 4 –

SAQA ID. NO. 21024

* Correspondence Option also available for learners.

To generate interest in our youth through one of our Skills Development Programmes, introducing them to consider a career in Sports Turf Maintenance as an alternative for those who cannot make the professional ranks. In this way, we keep people in sport and assist our industry to be more sustainable and allow people to Improve their Lives through Sport and Education. We could work hand in hand with community centres such as; the Mbekweni Community Sports Centre to develop children before they reach 18 years and leave the centre to have already entered a career of Sports Turf Maintenance.


The TGMASA has established the GREEN GURU FOUNDATION to assist, develop and educate people throughout Southern Africa to be more environmentally conscious and to be able to learn how we can preserve our open spaces in local communities to become a source of pride and enjoyment for everyone to share and benefit from.

To make the above a reality we need your assistance. Give someone the gift of education!

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