The Technical Difference Between Sod & Turf

In most colloquial instances, the terms ‘lawn’, ‘turf’ and ‘sod’ are used interchangeably, and there is nothing altogether wrong with that. But with regards to specifics, these words actually have varying meanings.

They may be somewhat similar, but when you take a look at the technical definitions of each one, it becomes plain to see that they aren’t exactly the same, and they can make all the difference to your approach to sourcing the appropriate turf irrigation solution for your setup. Here’s why:

The Meaning of Lawn

Lawn is defined as a plot of grass, domesticated in that it is tended and mowed, generally found within a home-garden, park or estate. It is important to note how the definition of lawn says nothing about details like how its roots are matted, how large the area is that it covers.

It describes, in a way, a finished product, what you see, stand on or enjoy once it is laid down or planted and has taken root. It is somewhat of an umbrella term that encompasses growing grass in all its forms.

What Exactly is Sod?

Sod and turf, on the other hand, describe lawn that, in particular, comes packaged with roots held together in rolls. It describes all parts of the lawn including the surface layer of soil and roots.

Turf, however, is not held together by matted roots the way that sod is, and that’s where the main difference in their definition comes into play. Turf in fact describes little more than a surface layer of grass, while sod describes the packaged content with matted roots and all.

Turf also generally describes a larger area of grass than sod does, since it could be used to describe an entire patch of lawn; whereas sod describes a roll of grass with a surface layer of soil and matted roots, that can be applied to a patch of land.

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