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  • Membership to FEGGA ( Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association )
  • Access to SETA accredited education .
  • A jobs board with; Apprentice members, Class A , Class AA & Master Turfgrass Managers. Opportunities to fill any vacancies in the turf industry.
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  • A winter education programme;
  • Short skills programmes deliver targeted industry needs, preparing a trainee to have specific skills.Our Level 1 – 4 skills programmes contain 10 unit standards that are formulated to deliver training within Sports Turf specialisations. Importantly, the skills programmes are endorsed by the TGMASA (Turf Grass Managers Association of South Africa). A student can earn credits towards full qualifications.
    • -Arboricultural Practices
    • -Operate Specialised Walk Behind Mowers
    • -Maintain Bunkers
    • -Tee Maintenance
    • -Rough Maintenance
    • -Putting Green Maintenance
    • -Mowing Practices
    • -Irrigation
    • -Chainsaw Operation
    • -Brushcutter Maintenance
    • -Health and Safety
    • -Pesticide Application and Control
    • -Interior Plantscaping
    • -Invasive Alien Vegetation Control
    • -Horticultural Equipment
    • -Supervisory Management
    • -Project Management
  • Top Local and International education made available to our members.

Thank you for your participation in the BC Skills Development correspondence qualification.

As a training provider, we will assist you throughout the programme in order for you to gain the required outcomes.

On commencement of the programme, you will be forwarded the following:

1. Completion of the application form for the correspondence programme.
2. Learning material – Part 1, consisting of 3 subjects.
3. Assignments for each of the 3 subjects.
4. Multiple choice and written examinations for each of the 3 subjects. The examinations are open book research examinations.

A portfolio of evidence will be compiled and will contain all of your assignment work,
Workplace practical evaluations as well as your final multiple choice and written
examination papers, where you will require a pass mark of 50% in each subject.

The multiple choice and question examination paper will consist of between 20 and 90 questions, depending on the subject. You have one opportunity to re-write any question paper you may fail.

The main emphasis of gaining your outcome in each subject will be based on the submission of assignments. Each assignment will consist of a minimum of 10 x A4 pages and a minimum of 3 illustrations are required, these can be photographs or hand drawn sketches. However, your total assignment should consist of a minimum of 1200 written words.

The presentation standard of your assignment is critical as it has to display your overall literacy standards. Your assignments should be well organised, using underlined headings and sub headings. Punctuation, the proper use of sentences and paragraphs are important. Your assignment does not have to be in essay format. It can be in point form e.g.

The method of determining the Structure of Soil can be done in the following methods:

1. Physical site analysis
(you must explain the reasons and methods of a physical analysis)

2. Laboratory analysis
(you must explain the reasons and methods of conducting a laboratory analysis)

The assignments can be hand written (neatly) or typed. It is recommended that your assignments are typed. Each assignment must have a cover page, which is separate to the 10 page requirement, indicating the subject title, the date, your name and your personal student identification number. Your personal student identification number will be forwarded to you in your learning material.

Any illustrations used in your assignment work can be photos that you have taken or sketches that you have constructed. The use of illustrations directly from reference books are not allowed.

Once your assignment and question paper have been completed, they can be forwarded as follows:

Postal Address

Attention: The Correspondence Assessor
P O Box 7579
Weltevreden Park


You can also photocopy, scan and e-mail your assignment and question paper to


You can request an electronic version of the question papers to be e-mailed to you, which you can fill in and e-mail back to us.

Note: All e-mail correspondence should be forwarded to

Your results of your assessment will be forwarded to you within 14 days. The result structure will indicate the outcome that you have achieved with a percentage score of your assignment achievement e.g.

50% is an outcome achieved
70% is an outcome achieved at credit
85% is an outcome achieved at distinction

Once you have completed all the assignments in Part 1, you will be forwarded Part 2.

Please note: The packages are sent to you in 3 parts. After you have completed Part 1, Part 2 will be forwarded to you. After Part 2 has been completed, Part 3 will be forwarded to you (depending on what you have paid for).

The correspondence qualification is split into three parts:

Package 1

Contains: Introduction
3 x subject notes and assignments
(The Grass Plant and Soils, Fertilization, Prepare and Establish Natural Grass Surfaces)
3 x multiple choice and written examination papers

Package 2

Contains: 4 x subject notes and assignments
(Basic Principles of Mowers and Secondary Cultural Practices, Pest and Disease Control, Sports Turf Equipment and Maintenance, Golf Course Specific Practices)
4 x multiple choice and written examination papers

Package 3

Contains: 3 x subject notes and assignments
(Irrigation, Golf Course Management, Grass Species and Plant Identification)
3 x multiple choice written examination papers

Please note: before you are forwarded the next package, you are required to fully complete the previous package.


The timescale for the correspondence package is over a period of 12 months. However, you can complete your qualification sooner, depending on your submission of assignment work.

A programme tutor will be assigned to you, where you can contact him/her for assistance and with any questions you may have. The tutor will be available from 8 am to 5 pm daily, but not on weekends. “Please call me” messages will not be responded to. The contact number for the tutor will be forwarded to you with your first package.


An interest rate of 15,5% will be charged on overdue accounts.
Unfortunately, no refunds will be given should you fail to attend the course or complete the programme and you will still be liable for the full cost of the programme.

Learning Material

All learning material supplied and produced by BC Landscape Training & Consultancy cc is issued under copyright.


TGMASA Certificate in Sports Turf Level 4

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