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Anthracnose Management

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A New Bacterial Disease

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Husqvarna – Industry Release


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TurfManzi | Hunter Industry Release


John Peach wins John Collier Environmental Compliance Award

Superintendent John Peach (Paarl Golf Club) , won the John Collier Environmental compliance Award :

SAGIC Gala Dinner at Cape Point Vineyard

The TGMASA Chairman John Peach and the TGMASA Administrator were invited to represent the Turf industry as guest’s of Eleanor Glaum […]

Improving Water Conservation Through Fairway and Rough Cultivation

Water is precious. Every drop counts. Tremendous effort, expense, and sophisticated technology are used to move water from its source to the turf, but […]

Golf Course Water Features Need Management

While traveling across New England, I come across good, bad, and downright ugly ponds and lakes. The good ponds appear to be healthy, vibrant […]

Understanding Water Relations in Mixes for Sand-Channel Drains

Managing soil water is one of the most important aspects of managing golf course turf, but it is probably one of the least […]

10 Things Golfers should know about watering Golf Courses

GOLF COURSE IRRIGATION Did you know that a turfgrass plant is 80 to 85 percent water by weight?Did you know […]

How to reduce water use

WATER CONSERVATION Numerous issues challenge the game of golf today, including improving pace of play, growing the game, lowering costs […]

Superintendent Triangle

AGRONOMICS Superintendents understand that a solid agronomic program is essential for presenting and sustaining a good golf course. In the […]

Machinery Maintenance

Mowing consumes the most amount of time in day-to-day maintenance of a golf course.

Why hollow tyning is important?

Harsh winter weather may lead to golfer requests to eliminate or reduce spring putting green aeration programs.

Tournament Preparation

The high level of turf maintenance required to conduct a U.S. Open, U.S. Amateur, or any other USGA national championship […]

Cultural management of Anthracnose on Annual Bluegrass greens

Nitrogen fertility and growth regulators can have positive impacts on management of this potentially devastating disease. Ptthracnose is a disease […]

Yes, there is a new bacterial disease!

An article entitled “The Wilt that Wasn’t” was published in GCI that attempted to provide insight into the tumultuous world […]

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Joseph Vargas, Jr., was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award from Ohio State University during the Ohio Turfgrass Conference. […]

Kaminski Algae

Blue-Green Algae • Prokaryotic Organisms (Cyanobacteria) • Contain Chlorophyll-a – Release Oxygen and Photosynthesize • Associated With Phormidium and Oscillatoria […]

Managing Soil pH For Optimum Turf Quality

Soil pH is the foundation of soil fertility and turfgrass nutrition. It is measured on a logarithmic scale, with each […]

Understanding The Different Wetting Agent Chemistries

Wetting agent: “Any compound that causes a liquid to spread more easily across or penetrate into the surface of a […]